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    Priset för .se domäner höjs till 140 kr per år
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Personal Service 
Vi växer så det knakar 2010, och
Vi önskar särskilt Dig


PraktIT web hosting is an accredited .Se Registrar. We have published Web sites since 1993, when the Internet was born at universities across the world. In 2010, we sharpen our features for work groups with opportunities for effective collaboration through our own content management ECT.


88 kr för en domän

inklusive DNS, DynDNS,
omdirigering m.m.

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500 kr för ePost Paketet

inklusive WebbMail med GruppKalender

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Web Site

800 för Webbplats

Vi hjälper dig att flytta till oss - kostnadsfritt!

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Remote Desktop

300 kr per användare för Fjärrskrivbord

Dela på program och data mellan flera orter.

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A secure web hoster!

PraktIT web hosting is a safe choice for your presence on the Internet. We are very concerned about stability, quality and environment. Through our work with IT operations since 1989, we know how important it is to detail and quality. In the computer world today there are many shortcuts, so we ask you to risk your nail options. A supplier in Sweden, with its own servers, technical skills and experience is quite different from suppliers who hire themselves in others, with servers in other parts of the world.

We at PraktIT web hosting is keen that our customers get the added value. It is in the form of high availability, good support and skilled response to customer issues. Similarly, it is the software we create. Data and services must be available and accurate for many years to come. It is therefore with great pride, we see that software we created back in 1996 still in service for our customers, and it also unchanged and without error.

For several years, we are operating with the remote desktop and programs. One need not buy expensive servers, software and maintenance, for us to ensure that companies get their data to force a very competitive fixed price! Do you already have a server, and clients, more offices, we will help you be happy to achieve further efficiencies.

We also provide data services, ie on-site services, where we maintain our clients' computers, printers, servers and networks. With our own equipment, we can secure network, as well as firewall services, quality measurement and certification of network installations.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our range, workings, or if you want to discuss whether your computing environment is the best for your organization's needs.

Regards / Peter Strömblad with staff